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Chasin’ Cats is a Central Iowa catfishing guide service dedicated to improving your enjoyment and success out on the water. It’s not enough to throw your line in the water and hope for the best, you have to put the smack down on those cats and I intend to show you exactly how to do it.   

I, Dave Wyner, will be your catfishing guide. As an avid fisherman for 30 years and a pro-staffer for Whisker Seeker Tackle, I take great pride in helping others learn how to target catfish through on-the-water experiences, teaching seminars, and online coaching. Sunshine or ice, we’ll be after them!    

Trolling and drifting for catfish is a challenge and a thrill that you truly have to experience; the cats won’t come in without a fight, and it’s the fight that sets this fishing experience apart from all others. Catching catfish is only half the fun; I’ll set you up with the tips and tricks needed to bring them in well beyond our day on the water.   

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned catfish angler, I’ll spend the time to teach you tactics that will improve your game…Those cats won’t have a chance when you’re on the water!   

Locations: I’ll select a body of water within 60 miles of Central Iowa that I know is well suited for a worthwhile experience.  These locations are known for great numbers of both medium to large size channel catfish.   

Your catfish guided experience will include: · 

  • Bait location and how to target 
  • Trolling and controlled drifting methods and when to use each
  • Ice-out/pre-spawn/summer locations and tactics 
  • Basic sonar strategies and setup  
  • Catfish gear selection and types of rigs to use when targeting channel catfish   

Free $40 Package From Whisker Seeker Tackle

Each trip will include a gift box from Whisker Seeker Tackle valued at over $40.00 to ensure you have the gear and tackle needed to jump start your next adventure.


Experience the best of Iowa catfishing and reserve your guided catfishing trip today.


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